concrete removal service


Robotic concrete removal is a service provided by Blascon to customers in BeNeLux and Germany. This service we offer since 2009. Because of that we’re confident that we may call ourselves experts in robotic concrete buildup removal from concrete mixertruck drums.

Mobile machine

While the ReadyJet is a mobile machine, we operate the ReadyJet’s on the premises of our customers. This means minimum downtime of the mixertrucks because of removal operations.



The ReadyJet is a mobile machine, we operate on the premises of our customers.

Less downtime

Because we operate on your premises, the mixer trucks have minimal downtime.


Just one removal operation instead of multiple, which means quicker return in production

Up to 8 mixerdrums

Buildup removal from 4 up to 8 mixerdrums a day now is possible.


During the years our operators discovered differences in buildup formations and also differences in blade configurations. These differences, buildup formations as well as blade configurations, we were able to group into schematics resulting in standardized removal operations. Result of these standardized operations is increase of “one-track” removal operations instead of “multiple tracks” which means quicker return into production of the mixertruck. Buildup removal from 4 up to 8 mixerdrums a day now is possible. Of course it still is depending on the volume of the drums and the amount of buildup in them.

Structural buildup decrease

Due to increased fleet management of Blascon regular customers, our customers determine a structural decrease of average buildup volumes. This is addressed by our customers to the ReadyJet buildup removal combined with better management controls of the daily washout of the mixerdrums. At these customers we’re able in the meantime to clean up 8 mixerdrums a day.

Concrete buildup REMOVAL for truckmixer mixerdrums

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